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Cars of any make and model, national or import, always at the best price.

We negotiate the best price possible, providing you with up to 15% cheaper price than cars sold in Spain

We have offices in Germany and Italy and have a large portfolio of cars available to order now

All our cars are carefully checked by our technicians and guaranteed

Order you car with only a small deposit. Pay only if you are satisfied

We have range of financial options and can help you with financing your vehicle

Information on the process

At Auto Elite you can find the car of your dreams. We offer you the opportunity to choose the model you want, the colour, engine, equipment, extras and many more. All you have to do is to fill in our form below and someone from our dedicated team will help you. We have huge databases of available vehicles in the other two of our offices in Germany and Italy.

Once we find your vehicle we will contact you with all the details including photos and videos so that you can get a better idea of your chosen car. Then, all you have to do is to put down a small deposit and we will deliver the car for you in a matter of days. Don’t forget if you don’t like the delivered vehicle you are not obligated to purchase it.

You don’t find what you are looking for? We will find it for you

If you cannot find the car you want, at Auto Elite we’ll find it for you, you just have to fill out the form below and it will be like buying a car on demand.